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We at Beija Flor believe that the dining table is the heart of the home and as one should be a place for creative personal expression. Use your table as a canvas, decorate it with texture and color. We invite you to play with the designs, mix between the lines and create a table setting that reflects who you are.

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"Love the stylish charm of all of @beijaflorworld designs! I have their gorgeous mix n’ match tribal placemats. The four different patterns are so unique and look like fabric! Best of all, they’re PERFECT because they’re so easy to wipe clean!"


"Beija Bohemian Garden placemats are gorgeous. My kids love them, they said: Mummy you can’t get ketchup stuck to these (my old mats were woven jute so had ketchup stuck in them)"


"@beijaflorworld geniusly combined stylish designs with highly practical material and came up with their their vinyl range of rugs, placemats, runners, headboards, backsplashes, etc."


"Check out @beijaflorworld beautiful vinyl Mediterranean table mats that reminded me how much I love table styling"


"The perfect placemats. Braided elements with the ease of vinyl material. Pattern is Ada by @beijaflorworld"


"The quality of Beija flor's vinyls is crazy, the placemats are very thick and their cement tile styles give amazing charm and character to the dining table"

"My little pleasure to make beautiful tables so @beijaflorworld have an amazing verity of models to choose pretty placemats as well as the table runners!"

"Thanks to @beijaflorworld and its superb antique linen style vinyl placemats. The effect is stunning, the material very thick and no ironing needed(: A fast whipe sponge and everything beautiful and clean!"


Frequently asked questions

Beija Flor is the Portuguese name for the hummingbird and it literally means “The Kisser of flowers”. The name has resonated from our products that kiss the space they are in.

Beija Flor is based in ‘Hukuk’, an eco village overlooks the sea of Galilee.

We at Beija Flor are committed to steadily reducing our environmental footprint and to use eco friendly and safe materials and processes. Being one step ahead means investing in what’s important – Pairing to partners who share the same values and priorities as we do. Together we are fully committed to making high quality, sustainable flooring and help create healthy living spaces with respect to our natural resources. We encourage our customers to reuse and recycle our mats and strive to equipet them with environmental and Social responsibility.

Colors may appear slightly different on every screen, computer, tablet or cell phone. Therefore you can expect that the colors on your screen will reflect closely the colors of your chosen product but the colors will never be identical. Further, due to the print process complexity, every product is one of a kind in the sense that no two products would look exactly the same.