Custom Design Service

I’m interested in a custom mat, what can you suggest?

One of our fundamental goals is to give our customers the feeling of a tailored experience when coming to purchase a mat. Offering a wide range of sizes, patterns and inspiration allows you to enjoy a fitted yet affordable solution. Before going ahead with a custom made mat we strongly recommend that first you will look at our existing (and super rich) range of adaptable flooring collections.

  • Take a look at our ready to wear sizes, and find the closest size to ​the one you are looking for . All you will need to do is easily ​amend the size to your desired space.
  • Modu floor concept- a 5-meter roll which gives you the option to size your mat, compose your very own center piece or cover an entire floor.
  • Helga and Lagertha gorgeous and sophisticated modular flooring. Multiple sheets creating a ​flexible and overlapping mat solution.

What is your Mudo Floor concept?

Mudo Flooring concept was born from a desire to allow individual and unique needs to guide the function and appearance of the mat. Exploring the idea of evolving floor expressions. Using it over and over again but each time differently. Self-sufficient mats offering an individual and modular experience of adjustable flooring. Expandable and flexible overlapping mats which can easily be composed into eye catching centerpiece or cover an entire floor. Chase your vision and create a floor that reflects the presence with respect to ever changing needs. For the full Mudo Floor collection

I looked at your adaptable flooring solutions but prefer to go with a custom by Beija mat, how do we proceed?

A tailored mat is always a nice option​ 🙂 For your convenience, please see below information and terms:

  • Minimum order- 450 euro.
  • The maximum sheet width is 200 cm. For carpet orders larger than the maximum width, the mat will be composed from several sheets that with graphic adjustments will look like one mat.
  • Color variations- variations in color between what appears on the screen and the real color might occur.
  • Differences in cut size- of up to 3% due to the production process.
    There are no returns on custom orders.
  • Production can take up to 4 weeks.
  • Your order might be subjected to import duties, taxes or other customs related charges.

If you are interested to proceed please contact us with the desired design and size. A quotation will be sent based on the information you provide.

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