What are Beija Flor products made of?

All our products are made from the finest, top of notch materials. Compliant with European strictest safety standards. Our vinyl sheets are a custom development made especially for us.

100% recyclable
100% phthalate free
100% eco-friendly
100% safe materials
20% Recycled contact
Made in EU
<100 μg/m3 Better indoor air quality

What do you mean by doing better together?

We at Beija Flor are committed to steadily reducing our environmental footprint and to use eco friendly and safe materials and processes. Being one step ahead means investing in what’s important – Pairing to partners who share the same values and priorities as we do. Together we are fully committed to making high quality, sustainable flooring and help create healthy living spaces with respect to our natural resources. We encourage our customers to reuse and recycle our mats and strive to equipet them with environmental and Social responsibility.

We donate each month to the important cause of Reforestation to help restore forests in the wake of major wildfires; repair damage caused by industry and resource extraction.

Furthermore, we are keen to take part in a variety of social projects and help support the vulnerable segments in our community. Beija Flor brings into each product a synergy of fine design, original quality and sustainable mindfulness.

I have an old Beija Flor mat I want to replace, what should I do with it?

We encourage you to act responsibly towards our planet and be creative at the same time. Have an old Beija Flor product that is no longer in use? Don’t throw it away. Roll it to its next destination. Our products are durable, long lasting and versatile. Help them fulfil their potential in a new way. Click here for some easy and fun reuse ideas.

Will the mats color be exactly as on the screen?

Colors may appear slightly different on every screen, computer, tablet or cell phone. Therefore you can expect that the colors on your screen will reflect closely the colors of your chosen product but the colors will never be identical. Further, due to the print process complexity, every product is one of a kind in the sense that no two products would look exactly the same.

Are your products will always perform the same in terms of appearance?

Our products are digitally created with great respect to the origin and authenticity of the designs, their color and quality. Each mat is produced per your order, in an individual process. Our custom and manual handling is something we take pride in.Every production batch carries a different “DNA” so each product is unique. Therefore you can expect small variations in color between batches.

Why are Beija Flor products more expensive than some of the equivalent products in the market?

Good question which we are happy to answer! Beija Flor is the Original Vinyl Mat, established in 2007. We have invested (and still are investing) many resources, thought and effort to bring to you the most innovative products both in quality and design.
And let us tell you, originality and quality are not things that come cheap.
Being one step ahead means investing in what’s important- Your and our planet’s well being.
Making high quality, sustainable flooring and helping create healthy living spaces with respect to our natural resources.
Choosing thoughtful and fine design, original quality and sustainable mindfulness.
These are our values which we are not willing to compromise and that is part of what we believe makes our products different from the rest.

What is the diffrence between the Styles? Modern & Antique

In some models you can choose between 2 styles:

Modern- Our popular well known style. Characterized by its smooth texture and clean colors.

Antique (Wabi-sabi)- Inspired by Japanese philosophy. This style glorifies the asymmetric and embraces the beauty which lies in the unstoppable aging process.

In each product for which we have both styles-   you can find the photos and see the difference in your eyes.

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